Dental Obsessíon

In developed countries, there is s secular dental obsession. Clarke Johnson DDS, PhD mentioned described it in “The Cultural Modification of Teeth.” “An alien visitor to Earth might describe a tooth-related cult now common in many industrialized societies. The people believe in the tooth cult so unquestionable, they call the holy doers doctor… The cult requires an initiation wherein the holy material objects are fastened … Continue reading Dental Obsessíon

Hebron and Bethlehem

We visited al-Haram al-Ibrahimi, also known as The Cave of the Patriarchs (Christians), and the Cave of Machpelah (Jews). Located in al-Khalil, aka Hebron. Very rich in history. My mind just couldn’t absorb it all. And with doubts lingering especially when the guide goes…”The Jews believed…”. I mean we were not supposed to consult the Jews as informed in Al-Kahfi. Anyway, this has to be the closest encounter … Continue reading Hebron and Bethlehem

There is only One

​﴾アッラーは子をもうけられない。またかれと一緒の外の神もない。そうであったら,それぞれの神は自分の創ったもので分裂しお互いに抜き出ようとして競い合う。アッラーに讃えあれ。(かれは)かれらの配するものを(超越され),幽玄界と現象界を知っておられ,かれらの配するものの上に高くおられる。 [Qur’an 23:  91-92] Continue reading There is only One