Not another Bird again…(thankfully its not Angry but its the Focal speakers)

After getting the TV, PS3 and the TV console, my next wishlist will be a good compact speaker system. Space is a constraint, (we live in tiny boxes here in Singapore), I am looking at a 2.1 or soundbar (yes, I know it doesn’t perform well, but it should be good enough for our tainted ears). I have been looking out at a few possibilities, and among those is the Focal Bird 2.1 system. It was released in France in June 2011 and Autumn 2011 for the rest of the world. The integrated amplifier, distribution and subwoofer thing works well for me, as I would not have to sacrifice floor space for the subs aka PowerBird. Do hope to check out a demo setup soon with the side speakers aka Little Bird, Bird or SuperBird.

The wife will be hoping to play the Angry Bird Rio HD with sound blasting on the Focal Bird 2.1.
Prices for the 2.1 are expected to be in the range of $1400 – $1800 depending on Little Bird, Bird or Super Bird.

September 2011: Bought it finally, review here.


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