Upcoming “Valley of The Seekers”

Looking forward to the upcoming “Valley of the Seekers” with Shaykh Riad Ourzazi, organized by Qabeelat Itqaan forAl-Maghrib Institute.

Free Registration for Friday Public Talk http://qitqaan.sg/99

“Take a Journey Towards Allah…” and increase our Tawheed. 

Narrated Anas:
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “My Lord says, ‘If My slave comes nearer to me for a span, I go nearer to him for a cubit; and if he comes nearer to Me for a cubit, I go nearer to him for the span of outstretched arms; and if he comes to Me walking, I go to him running.’ ” Sahih al-Bukhari 7536 Book 97, Hadith 161


Akustika Malam Edan

Akustika Malam Edan Search
LIVE in Singapore
1 June 2013

Brought a GoPro Hero3 to the concert…and forgot to manual set properly.

AKustika Malam Edan
Akustika Malam Edan


salam ukhwah
Good show by Search. Definitely, prefer this acoustic setup. The songs shine through more than the past few concerts in Singapore, namely the Double Trouble and the one with XPDC.

This should be my last concert. Enough lah…geng. Thanks for the rocking good times.

Double Trouble LIVE in Singapore

We attended the Double Trouble LIVE in Singapore concert last Friday. Somehow, the reservist and hectic schedule the past month meant that we were late in purchasing the ticket. Blessing in disguise though, when on the day we bought the ticket, LIVE Empire the organizer announced a 20% discount on all tickets. We saved about $40 in total, more than enough to cover dinner and a midnight taxi ride home I guess.

Full size bike on public

I was taking the train to the newly opened Gapyeong Station (2nd day of operation). It was in Seoul, late 2010, when I saw this: A full size 26″ hardtail bike onboard the train. Probably the MTB was on its way to rough out the trail near Nami Island.

If we could have this allowed on our SMRT trains…bliss. Imagine a Sunday morning train ride to Pasir Ris, onwards the bus to Changi Jetty, ride the waves on the bumboats and cycle away at Pulau Ubin for a Sunday adventure.

Definitely not going to happen though, a taxi ride to Changi would have cost SGD$25-30 easily. Multiply that with 1 bike per taxi. A $100?The train? Forget it. Every single train is packed like sardines just fished out into the boat. And the government is planning to bring in more. Not more trains or more bicycles…but more people. Sigh.Us at Nami Island

Tanjong Pagar and Tampines move

Tomorrow is S-League 2012 Charity Shield, league starts next Thursday, 7 days away and S-League has another surprise.

Tanjong Pagar United FC will now play its home game in Queenstown Stadium instead of Clementi.

Tampines Rovers FC will now play at Clementi Stadium instead of Tampines.

I stay near Clementi and had applied for Tanjong Pagar season tickets. I had not paid yet.

So now, I either:

Option A
Make my way down all the way to Queenstown Stadium to support Tanjong Pagar United FC, which will cost me 1 hour of journey time.

Option B
Support Tampines Rovers which is actually from the other side of the island at Clementi Stadium. Save on travel, but which means I will have to support Tampines only for a season, as they will shift back once the Tampines Sports Hub is ready.

WoW!! S-League is so “full of surprises”.

I can’t decide, and at this rate I might as well use the money set aside season tickets and buy a Manchester United jersey instead.

S-League 2.0? Nevermind. move news here

SEARCH LIVE in Singapore with XPDC

Watched SEARCH & XPDC LIVE in Singapore 2012. Was skeptical about watching SEARCH. I had watched them twice with disappointment in 2010 for the Double Trouble tour in Mount Kiara and Larkin. Amy’s singing was way below his normal high standards. Kidd was worse off with the guitar, I did not enjoy both performances in 2010 at all. So, I skipped the Fenomena 30 series tour in 2011 entirely.2012 Singapore Indoor Stadium cost us SGD$85 each. In Malaysia it would have cost RM100 maximum..

How was the concert? Not too bad, but not good either. Should not have paid more than SGD50 for it. I took some pictures with the crappy iPhone, did not bother to bring my LX3 or NX100 cam.

My sincere rockerz comment, “Aku boleh naik gi Malaysia naik bas turun bas, jalan kaki batu2 pasal nak pegi tengok SEARCH kat Stadium Larkin and Bukit Kiara Equesterian Club (tempat kuda tu). Tapi semalam, kat home ground, Singapore, mak ai…mood & feel langsung takde.”

Singapore Super League

Indian Football set to have new league Feb25 – Apr8 with 6 teams. news here

30players & 6coaches auctioned, incl Marquee players.

Each team $2.5million, max 4 foreigners, min 6 U21 Indian players.

So, S-League, rather than dish out “Conference League standard” with 12 teams in tiny SG,

which we supporters cannot endure to watch…it’s too slow and too long..

probably a 2-3 months competition with marquee players and lesser teams,

most of us here will probably attend our 1st exciting S-League game.

Oh, and let’s call it Singapore Super League, SSL.

On another note, news about the new deputy CEO for S-League has appear.

The papers wrote a report that he was a bankrupt in France, unfit to run any businesses,

and yet now, he is now holding a very important post in Singapore’s football. Pathetic!

Still thinking white men superior is probably “near normal” in Singapore businesses….

but any white man will do? FAS?


“NEWLY-APPOINTED S-League deputy CEO Johan Gouttefangeas is a bankrupt in France.
He has also been banned from doing business there for five years.
Contacted by The New Paper yesterday, Gouttefangeas explained that the bankruptcy came about due to failed businesses in France”


“….The FAS appointed Gouttefangeas to the position of CEO of the S-League on Jan 6. Unhappy over his appointment, his former club, Etoile FC, announced they were pulling out of the 2012 season on Monday to leave the competition with 13 teams this year.

Gouttefangeas had left Etoile FC S$100,000 in the red when he abruptly quit the club as chairman on June 24 last year and it was one of the main reasons why the 2010 S-League champions withdrew.

Gouttefangeas avoided speaking to Today at a luncheon attended by FAS officials as well as S-League club chairmen at the Amara Hotel yesterday. Today understands club chairmen were instructed not to address the issue to the media.

But, speaking on condition of anonymity, one club official said: “The FAS just did not do their due diligence before hiring him. This has made a laughing stock of Singapore football.”

Another club official felt there was no other option but for the FAS to relieve Gouttefangeas of his duties.”

Lions XII vs KLFA

Manage to watch the Lions XII game last night at Jalan Besar Stadium. Went with L and her her cousins. Their nephew was playing for the KL team. So, there we were sitting among Singapore fans and cheering for every KL’s moves.


The penalty taken, look closely at Izwan’s MJ pose.

2-1 it was.

A typical injured Lions XII player and an ever present munching fans. Sometimes I wonder if they are watching movies or at a football match.






Revive support for S-League

Watching the LionsXII playing in Alor Star, Kedah, I still don’t understand why we should rekindle M-Cup romance. If it was A, K or J league that will be awesome…but M league? Doesn’t matter if they add the word Super to their league, calling it MSL, it still isn’t Superb at all. As much as Malaysian national team may appear to have improved, their play is still pretty much the same. And I do not enjoy the bad blood some Malaysian players seems to have whenever tackles come flying in especially for Singapore team. And it was boring, even the Kedah fans don’t pack the stadiums just for Singapore team anymore. It was eerily quiet, the stadium. The rejoining of the M-league is many steps backward. Just look at the 2 games so far.

Yes, it may be too early to judge, but their lack of import players can never improve them. How can a bunch of Malays siting around together ever improve themselves. More likely, everyone will just find a corner to relax to.

LionsXII players may just end up being exhausted with travelling around those Malaysian states, with no skills or techniques improvement at all, having to play in wet fields and against playing against small skinny and maybe some speedy players only.

I mean can Singapore National Team really improve when they have to face the Arab nations and North Asia players to bring us to the next level. Will the team be made up of majority LionsXII or those in S-League.

Even then, are we really happy beating other Southeast Asia teams and not advancing any further in Asian Cup or World Cup?

The decision to return to M-League should make some Singapore football lovers to
feel guilty for not supporting the S league before. I did felt guilt when the annoncement was made and after the flat Kelantan encounter and boring Kedah encounter, I may want to get Gombak United FC S-League 2012 season tickets.

Oh, wait a minute, Gombak United no longer plays at Gombak Stadium. So who plays at Gombak Stadium? No one? GUFC now plays at Jurong West, SAFFC plays at CCK.

Pre-season friendlies for S-League 2012 under way now.