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The Pope resigns

The Pope announces his retirement which shock my Catholic friends here in Singapore. Inevitably though, it was embarrassing to see a few Muslims friends making jokes about it.

Respect should be given…even though the Pope has made some bad remarks on Muslims. Let us remember the good akhlak (noble character) and from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassalam) was, when he communicated with foreign rulers who have yet to embrace Islam.

Let us make a prayer.. may Allah bless the Pope with good health, and the opportunity to learn more from the Books and hopefully Allah bless him with hidayah. Ameen.

Which reminds me, I should get the book that I was eyeing…the letters compilation that Prophet sallallahu alaihi wassalam wrote to the foreign rulers. Just think the bookstores at Golden Landmark are a tad expensive, like everything else in Singapore.

I will never walk alone

Attended a lecture organized by Sout Ilahi group. The title was a football slogan. “You’ll never walk alone..” Almost reluctant to go because of the title. (I am not a Liverpool fan).

Content was about our human need and search for permanence and happiness. Permanent happiness. Why does our ads always portray the keyword “happy”? Advertiser know that is the buzz word. Gets your swipe card buzzing.

Why are we always searching for happiness…or in pursuit of it? Are we in fact running from troubles? Deal with difficulties.

Patience?  Do we really have to react with Allah like how we do when we interact with human? Analogy of kid playing near electric socket, mom threw an object at the head. When Allah loves us, he will remove things and matters that are dear and close to our heart.

My takeaway GEMS in a nutshell, is to have faith, redha and don’t give up. Because Allah loves us. Gave us both hardships and ease, so we may turn out the best.

A few months after this talk…I bumped into an old friend. What he said made me cringed. He wanted Allah to fulfill his wishes before he does his daily solah. A few kind words and discussion….but I do hope to continue making doa for him, that Allah may give him hidayah.

Twins of Faith 2012 – For the Love of God

We spend the last 3 days of 2012 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Specifically at the 2012 Twins of Faith Family Festival organised by Mercy Mission. It was a weekend well spent, and it did provide us with a real dose of Iman booster.

Alhamdulillah, thank Allah swt for making our journey to Putrajaya smooth and safe, although it was executed the last of minutes.

Various people we learned from, the sheikhs, lecturers on stage and the volunteers and even the audience we around we made friends with. Got to love the atmosphere.

Got to admit, we both have never heard from any of the listed speakers before this. Maybe a bit of Tawfique, but that’s it. So, we were both lapping it up, dividing the main venue talks and the plenary sessions with each other, vigorous note taking (mine shorthand…or sort of). Various topic about God, love, family….everything. There was even a speaker from Singapore, the Suchi group bosses about teenage parenting. Even consumerism was touched on via the Art segment.
Probably, if I was 10yrs younger, could have joined the skate too. And, definitely the kids corner was amazing. The whole organization of the event and dedicated volunteers truly amaze me. I doubt Singapore will be able to pull something of this scale or even 50%, if anyone wants to do it, count me in.

Oh! I even had the chance to chat with Abdurrahman Chao while we were waiting for our transport back to the hotel. His tummy wasn’t feeling too well, and stupid me…talk about Taiwanese Beef noodle. Dang!

Some shots taken…

tof2012Putrajaya, the venue.

Not forgetting the beautiful opening montage.

Camera Uploads

Camera Uploads1
We had to leave Putrajaya, Malaysia on the eve of  2013, had to give the Countdown party a miss and hope to be back in Dec 2013…..In sya allah.

Just Ask Islam

Explaining Hijab, Beard and Jesus to non-Muslims have and will insyaallah be quite simple. The same meanwhile couldn’t be said about 9/11 and Palestine.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes – Just Ask Islam – Explaining Islam to Non-Muslims.

“They try to open this up as a subject and try to ask you: “well what do you say about suicide bombers?” That’s easy.

Does Islam allow us to commit suicide? Yes or no? No. Anybody who commits suicide goes to hell forever, true or false? Absolutely true. Whether it’s from a bomb or a knife or whatever. The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Whoever kills himself with a knife, he will be in the hell fire stabbing himself with a knife, over and over and over.” So anybody that’s a suicide person is going to go to hell. So get that in your mind. Then they say, “yes, what about in Palestine?” Ok, this means you have conditions in the question. Have you ever been to Palestine? And the person will say, “well no.” I haven’t either. So what do you want me to talk about? Something I don’t know about. I’m not a journalist, I’m not allowed to do that!

stay away from a subject of what’s going on in Kashmir, Palestine, or Iraq, because number one, you’re not going to change peoples mind about the stuff they see on the news everyday.

Don’t come out here and start talking about the conspiracy theories of 9/11. You say, “I don’t believe Muslims had anything to do with it. How did they find Mohammad and his passport at the bottom of those towers and it wasn’t even dirty. Yet those planes blew up everything and it was so hot that the building collapsed but it couldn’t burn the passport?” Don’t do that. Because that won’t help your case. You need to tell people about one thing: “La ilaha illal-Lah.” 

iPillar5 – Hajj

Today is 9 Zulhijjah, Arafah day, one of the highlights of the Muslims Hajj pilgrimage.

The Hajj is part of the 5 pillars of Islam.
Planting a wish in my heart, that me and my family…may Allah grant us with the opportunity, health, wealth and all.

Made a quick picture, sort of a self-reminder that life here is just temporary and mere materials. There will be more new bigger smaller faster slower gadgets and worldly pleasures but that is just to it.

On the other hand, love for Allah is everlasting. How could we not, with all the blessings Allah had given us all this while, and the afterlife promise?