Organizing our LIFE

That man can have nothing but what he strives for; that the fruit of his striving will soon come in sight” Qur’an (53:39-40)

Although LIFE organization should be common sense, there are times when we found ourselves in the fast pace of LIFE, and get swept by it. Although, we have our regular daily prayers, a minimum of 5 a day, which helps to instil discipline and time management, the rest of the time needs to be occupied wisely.

Putting our nafs and whispers of syaitan (like moveis, music aside), there are daily things that could take our valuable time away. One which I find, not just a time waster but also a mood spoiler with huge implications is messy house and losing items in the house.

Stop accumulating rubbish. May refer and not limited to:
1) Those items we thought we may need someday
2) Negative people who weigh you down
Take note: Most often than not. We are the lost souls. Not the item or subject.
They are just somewhere. We are nowhere.

Reaching for the panic button doesn’t help.
It’s like rummaging through to find your lost keys; when it should be searched systematically. Rummaging around everywhere is tempting though. Remember to stay calm, get comfortable and have confidence, it will be found.


The Mess Organizer

Got a few questions from some friends lately. As you should be familiar as well, with the influx of electronic equipment and devices, comes along the larger chunk of cables, plugs and adapters.

How to hide? How to manage?

Any solutions or products available?