SEARCH LIVE in Singapore with XPDC

Watched SEARCH & XPDC LIVE in Singapore 2012. Was skeptical about watching SEARCH. I had watched them twice with disappointment in 2010 for the Double Trouble tour in Mount Kiara and Larkin. Amy’s singing was way below his normal high standards. Kidd was worse off with the guitar, I did not enjoy both performances in 2010 at all. So, I skipped the Fenomena 30 series tour in 2011 entirely.2012 Singapore Indoor Stadium cost us SGD$85 each. In Malaysia it would have cost RM100 maximum..

How was the concert? Not too bad, but not good either. Should not have paid more than SGD50 for it. I took some pictures with the crappy iPhone, did not bother to bring my LX3 or NX100 cam.

My sincere rockerz comment, “Aku boleh naik gi Malaysia naik bas turun bas, jalan kaki batu2 pasal nak pegi tengok SEARCH kat Stadium Larkin and Bukit Kiara Equesterian Club (tempat kuda tu). Tapi semalam, kat home ground, Singapore, mak ai…mood & feel langsung takde.”


Smashing Pumpkins at SingFest 2010

Smashing Pumpkins was f******* awesome at the Fort Canning Park, SingFest 2010.
A 3 day line-up of music festival right in Singapore. A few of the artists and bands will feature in Japan’s SummerSonic Festival too, so I guess it was a good idea for them to include Southeast Asia in as well.

I only wanted tickets for Day 3, or Night 3 only! Billy Corgan Live in Singapore, what more can I ask for. Before SP came on stage, it was The Vines, Ian Brown… 30 Seconds to Mars.


Hoping for an awesome lineup for SingFest 2012, and tickets too!

Maybe James Iha for SingFest2012?