Where New Orchid and Old Orchids Meet…Singapore of course

Not feeling too keen to slog at work, took the afternoon off, (yup both of us) and dropped in to check out the blooming flowers. Not just flowers, it’s orchids.
Orchids are like flowers with highest degree of dignity. Royalties are named after the orchids, especially bred.













What makes the deal sweeter was purchase of tickets for the 20th World Orchid Show which cost $15 will also includes a special preview trip to the Gardens at the Bay, the Flower Dome.


Chingay Parade 2011

Finally watch the Chingay Parade after decades of staying in Singapore.
It was colourful and we liked the belly dancers competition segment especially.
These mamas were full of confidence. Respect!

It wasn’t just the sight of pretty performances,
but the pure diversity of race, language, religion, shapes, sizes and beauty.
That was pure confidence on display.
That was one heart on show.
That was united Singapore.

Makes me want to move to Chua Chu Kang or Chai Chee when I completed my 5 years minimum occupation period coming Aug 2011.

My first parade ever. I wonder how the National Day Parade in 1965 felt like.