Thanks Ferguson

This was to be the last game for Alex Ferguson as the manager of Manchester United. A stunning 5-5 scoreline was symbolic to me, a symbol of adventurous pulsating football expected of Manchester United. Regardless the result, they play football. One of the reasons why most fans I spoken too, were not in favour of … Continue reading Thanks Ferguson


English Barclay’s Premier League 2011-2012

As we now we'd have known, ManCity won its final day game against QPR and crowned the champions. Kudos though to ManUtd players and coaching team for the never say die attitude. Many would have forgotten they were thrashed wholly, fully and surely much earlier in the season at Old Trafford. Head were hung low … Continue reading English Barclay’s Premier League 2011-2012

900 times and still going…Ryan Giggs

Giggs played his 900th game for Man Utd, an awesome humongous feat. A rare professional in today's commercialized football game.Our favourite Welsh Wizard, who ruled the left wing for many years.The picture below is not really a tribute to Giggs.It's actually a tribute to LFC for finally winning something,after 6 years of YNWA (You Never … Continue reading 900 times and still going…Ryan Giggs