Thanks Ferguson

This was to be the last game for Alex Ferguson as the manager of Manchester United. A stunning 5-5 scoreline was symbolic to me, a symbol of adventurous pulsating football expected of Manchester United. Regardless the result, they play football. One of the reasons why most fans I spoken too, were not in favour of Mourinho.

Everyone looking to David Moyes in anticipation. I’ve got a tiny feeling he can start another legacy of his own.

However, after a long term of being in Everton, where defence and hard running just to protect the backlines and a heavy reliance on set pieces and counter attack….will make Man Utd no longer a pleasant team to watch. Some attacking players like Kagawa and Nani may even be sold. Hope I will be wrong.


English Barclay’s Premier League 2011-2012

As we now we’d have known, ManCity won its final day game against QPR and crowned the champions. Kudos though to ManUtd players and coaching team for the never say die attitude. Many would have forgotten they were thrashed wholly, fully and surely much earlier in the season at Old Trafford. Head were hung low all around, that there was no way to catch up with their noisy neighbors. ManUtd challenged City till the final game, when others like Arsenal, Chelsea were to meek to offer any kind of serious challenge.

It was a pulsating last game of the season though. City needing a win, if Utd win as well, led at 1-0. QPR equalized before having Barton sent off for fighting. A 10-man QPR then scored another putting the score at 1-2, and United the chance of being champion. If there was such thing as a “GPS pulse tracking system”, and it scanned the globe, it would have peaked at the City of Manchester.
Fate has it that City equalized in dying minutes and then Aguero (Maradona’s son-in-law) scored a winner at the last minute of the 5 min added time. Cruel blow to United but QPR survived the drop, as they should.

The surprise disappointment was Chelsea. With some added Spanish and Portugese flair, they somehow could not find their football as silky smooth as they’d like it to be. Disappointments week after week, internal conflicts amongst the new players and old guards proved to be their chosen script with AVB sacked and a non-CL spot in the league. Impressive though, Di Mateo guiding Chelsea to the UEFA Champions League Finals, which they will have to win, for the right to play in CL again next year.

My surprise team of the season would be Newcastle United. Losing Andy Carroll for a whopping 30million pound, they challenged for a top 3 spot right up till the final day. Alan Pardew shrewdness in bringing Cisse in proved to be an invaluable signing.

Another older Cisse was also influential for another team at the other end of the table. Djibril Cisse had scored during the final game at Etihad Stadium. Too bad Joey Barton received a red card for fighting, if he had stayed on the pitch, things would have been different. Tony Fernandez had done well to back the managers and players so far, but I do wonder how Barton’s action will turn out.

Swansea and Norwich will be a force to reckon with in future too. Good football at times, strong at home, not bad for a first season back on top flight football.

Arsenal as usual, mount a late rally at the end of the season. Looking back at the team sheet and the players it had lost, imagine if Nasir and Clichy was still at Emirates Stadium. Probably Arsenal would have performed much better and ManCity would not have been the champion. Interesting to note, the short term loan deal of Thierry Henry had an impact in their turn around. Long time Arsenal’s and Wenger’s favorite son, do wonder what would have happen if he stayed half a season. Could be a 3-horse race.

Spurs did well to reach 4th spot and will be hoping Chelsea come second at Champions League Final again. With Harry Redknapp confirmed not taking up England national team job, they should move on and upwards perhaps.

Mid table wise, Everton did well. Moyes as usual worked his magic with a low budget team and this time around even manage to do better than their “bigger” Merseyside neighbour, Liverpool.

The 3 teams that got relegated, Bolton, Rovers and Wolves have not prove they are worthy of top flight football for the past few seasons. The greatest miracle was seeing Muamba back alive. That means more than anything else.

A good time to reflect, life, friendship, family and compassion towards each other as human is more important than the hunt for sporting glory. Even if you are a champion, disrespecting others like John Terry would have hopefully learnt, has no space in sports.

900 times and still going…Ryan Giggs

Giggs played his 900th game for Man Utd, an awesome humongous feat.
A rare professional in today’s commercialized football game.

Our favourite Welsh Wizard, who ruled the left wing for many years.

The picture below is not really a tribute to Giggs.

It’s actually a tribute to LFC for finally winning something,
after 6 years of YNWA (You Never Win Anything).

Finally they won a cup. A Mishka Mushka one.

Hong Kong Day 3: Shift to HK Island & Macau

We left Hotel Benito and checked into Butterfly on Morrison. Wanting to feel both sides of Hong Kong, the HK island and the Kowloon side. This new hotel was very much nearer to the Halal dim sum place. It was in fact just across the road. Looked forward to Macau later in the day for halal food at 3 Monkeys.

We got upgraded to a bigger room and it was the 2nd highest in the building. 27th floor. Technically, it was not 27. L pointed out they do not have Level 4, 14 & 24. Superstitions I guessed. So, we were technically on 27 minus 3, which is the 24th floor.

The room had a stunning view though. We could see the HSBC Building, a few other towers as well. We could see the Happy Valley racecourse. We could just lie down on bed and look at the towers, the Peak, the clouds…the rain.

They had Clipsal light switches. The bathroom shower head was by Hansgrohe. Imitation maybe? But it was impressive. With a 32inch Sony LCD TV. Suddenly, we both didnt feel like going out at all.

But we’re hungry. Passport checked. We left the hotel for Macau today.

We lunched Halal Dim Sum and made our way to the Ferry Terminal.

Our ferry failed to start it’s engine. After about 30minutes we took another waiting ferry. Below was our rescue ferry at Macau.

Getting to the Square from Ferry:
Bus 3
We strolled leisurely at the St.Paul Ruins. It was drizzling. We took a quick visit to the museum behind the ruins. Walk up to the Fort. Stunning view of Macau indeed. Must have been the best view back then by the Portuguese.
Getting to Venetian from Square:
Bus21A or 26A.

Looked forward to the Venetian, we were hungry and looking forward to eat at the 3 Monkeys.

We missed the Man Utd Experience, although the store was still opened. Overheard another customer disappointment as well that the experience segment was closed. To console myself, I bought a Man Utd union jack t-shirt.

Return to HK.