Seoul Day 8: Nami Island (Halal Drama Cafe)

Finally we hit Nami Island aka Republic of Naminara. Looked forward to eat at the Drama Cafe on the island. We had trouble reaching there a few days ago, due to the shutdown of the old train services. A new line had in fact just opened on that day, and we did not understand the whole situation till we went to the tourist information counter. Even then, the counter was not able to print out a map of the new rail. We got a hand drawn one. We were hoping to go Nami in the old train. Can you imagine, we missed it by just a single day?? Such luck!!

Anyway, day 8, we took the new train system to Gapyeong Station. It was like only the 2nd or 3rd day in operation. Everything fresh and sterile.

Walk out of Gapyeong station, there will be a line of waiting cab and just say,”Nami Island Ferry Terminal”.

Bought “a VISA” to enter Nami Island. It was basically a ferry ticket, but as Nami Island prides itself as a Republic, they have their own passport and you will need “a VISA” to enter. I was wondering if the current UN president had a role in this, but this island was around even before his appointment.

Marketing itself as a UN ambassador or UNICEF of some sort, the global UN spirit is all around, the ferry that took us there was also full with an array of international flags.

We had lunch at the Drama Cafe a Halal certified Vegetarian restaurant.

The order came in 2 metal tins, 2 metal spoons and 2 pairs of gloves in a metal tray. Took a quick look around they were all shaking the tin vigorously. We were a bit apprehensive as it felt like playing with our food.

Single hand shake
Double handed shake

The Kimchi pancake. Egg, onion, cabbage, vege and kimchi.

Animals seem to roam freely here. Absolutely lovely. Pretty chicken.




Seoul Day 6: Everland

Our Day 6 mission, was Everland only! A grand theme park, not just rides and games but with their own zoo and safari. I must say it was the top 3 highlight of our trip.

Took the metro down to Gangnam station, the MTR cross the bridge for this. Once at Gangnam Station, we walked to Krispy Kreme, there was a bus stop with Direct Express Bus

5002 to Everland.
Anyway, the bus stop was manned by a friendly Korean bus attendant. A friendly chap who
wanted to chat with us, with his limited English and our non-existent Korean…blush, blush. He mentioned Everland, T-money, where we were from. He remarked Singapore is clean, no litter on streets. And I said, Korea is nice trendy and high-tech. He even invited us to pose together and snapped a picture for us.  He even let us roam around and held our place at the front of the queue. Amazing!

Huge spacious park! We had the tourist discount coupon available from their website with us too, which provided some savings.

Queuing for Safari World, we see the numbers. Sort of how many is in the house!

Although, the LIVE commentary was in Korean, and we didn’t understand a single bit, we assumed this is the famous Liger. A mix breed of Lion + Tiger. 

The kiddy winter train ride.

The parade.

Wooden roller coaster.

Everland was wonderful. Bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland. Not a big run like Universal Studios or Disney. And we absolutely adore the Korean cartoon flavour to it.

Will Singapore be able to run its own theme park with our own flavor? I doubt we even have our own cartoon or animation character.

They have the famous Pororo in Korea. In Everland, the Zootopia for instance, was extremely cute. A 4D experience, made more surreal by the fact it was in korean, but we do appreciate reading through the actions, expressions and story line.

The Rotating House was situated right beside the Zootopia. It looked low profile on the outside, dark and eerie while queueing inside, like an old abandoned house.

We were like, should we try? With nothing to lose, we entered. Looks like some eerie house, but there were no hints of vampires or zombies. We sat on long benches like the juries in a courtroom. It started with walls at the side rotating, our benches swinging like a viking and the ceiling moving around, making us feel claustrophobic and the music eerie. The last final action though was wicked. No, not saying, go there yourself. A shocking shrieking surprise but breaks you out laughing and giggling.

Yes, we enjoyed this the most. The Snow Buster! A sledge slide down the snowy hill.