7 places you can Donate gently used stuffs in Singapore

Besides Salvation Army, where can I donate gently used goods that are still in good condition?

1. H&M 

Donate pre-loved clothes for a 15% off voucher. 1 voucher per bag. Max of 2 voucher daily. A reason to shop some more…
More info: H&M Garment Collecting


Donate clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, books and toys.
More info: New2U Thrift Shop

3. Foodbank

For those food in hamper gifts you do not want.
More info: Foodbank


They accept all items that are in usable, good condition – such as clothes, bags, books, small furniture, household items, toys and more.
More info : MINDS Shop

5. Pass It On

They accept home appliances, furniture, medical aids, mobility aids. Wish list by needy families made through the NWOs. Monetary donations can also be made online here. More info: Pass it On

6. Global Ehsan Relief

Another on of our favorite is Global Ehsan Relief. Especially winter clothes, and you have sworn you will not visit a cold country anymore. More info: Global Ehsan Relief Winter

And of course, there is always

7. Salvation Army


Dental Obsessíon

In developed countries, there is s secular dental obsession.
Clarke Johnson DDS, PhD mentioned it in “The Cultural Modification of Teeth.”

“An alien visitor to Earth might describe a tooth-related cult now common in many industrialized societies. The people believe in the tooth cult so unquestionable, they call the holy doers doctor… The cult requires an initiation wherein the holy material objects are fastened to their teeth. They then go through two difficult years of trial until they emerge purified and the holy material objects are taken off in a rite of passage. These people live in a
society that admires what it sees on


billboards, in magazines and a mystical place
they call Ho
llywood. Both believe
rs and priests learn their ideals there. The
practitioners of the cult have an obsession with lines and angles.”


We landed in Tel-Aviv after a stopover in Istanbul.

The immigration officer, flipped through our passports. Raised the eyebrow and asked, “You visited Saudia Arabia. When? How long were you there? Please go over there. We waited for like close to 2 hours.

We proceeded quickly to the Old Town of Jaffa for a very very late lunch.

Trail of the Prophets - Day 02 - 026http://The%20grilled%20fish

Our first hummus. And many more delicious ones to come on this trip.
Trail of the Prophets - Day 02 - 011http://Humus

By the time we finished, it was just enough time to do our Jama Takhir of Dzuhr and Asr. We stayed for Maghrib. It was a nice beautiful quaint masjid called the Masjid Al-Bahr (the Sea Mosque), named because it was overlooking the harbour. It was built in the 16th Century during the Ottoman.

We then took a stroll at the seaside area. Noticed the people here in Tel Aviv are on the edgy side towards us.

Trail of the Prophets - Day 02 - 038

What was sad, when I reviewed the pictures, the dark background could have possibly been Gaza. And the fish that we were served.

Just DOA it


I have a few doas.

Bits and pieces.

Here and there.

It’s true they say humans will never be satisfied.

Look at what you have today.

Does it look like your DOA you made years ago.

It’s hard to remember, I know.

But, it could have just been a tiny whisper in your heart which Allah answered.
So, make that doa, we will be in the highest place in Jannah with our Rasul and families and friends that we loved.
Hopefully, we can look back to our life on Earth with no regrets. That life on Earth was indeed  short and may our doas, the deeds and Allah’s infinte mercy saved us from the hellfire.

Free WiFi for tourists in Japan

NTT East now provides WiFi for tourists. NTT East operates in eastern part of Japan. Example: Tokyo, Hokkaido and Yokohama. Remember those days when we rent handphones in Japan? No more!

Where are the hotspots? You will see the stickers pasted on shop from.
Alternatively, you can also check the hotspots here before you go.

Two methods:
1)Using iOS or Android app. Download the app “NAVITIME for Japan Travel” app, provided by NAVITIME JAPAN and obtain the WiFi ID and  password. http://flets.com/freewifi/step.html#app

2) Free WifiCards with WiFi ID and password from various location. Passport required. http://www.flets.com/freewifi/spot.html

The other cities do provide WiFi for touriset, but not by NTT East.

Osaka  Kyoto
Kobe Fukuoka
Nagoya Hiroshima

One final note though, do remember that you are on vacation, put that phone away.
It is Japan. Time to appreciate the lovely people, culture and surroundings and the loved ones with you.