We started a new project. Based on our love for:

  1. Good, nice and pretty paper prints
  2. Giving money to both kids and elders
  3. Encouraging others to give
  4. Giving the right envelope for the right occasion
  5. Roll the money to donate more, although the profits are minimal

Some are handmade.

Hopefully, from now, nobody give out an Upin & Ipin Selamat Hari Raya to a wedding host or….worse…
to a member of the deceased family.


Food Channel at JPO

Not really a fan of JPO. It is smacked right in the middle of a hot palm oil plantation. It takes like forever to reach, and there was a limited variety of halal food.

All that have changed now, it’s Food Channel (the food court), have filled up nicely. There is Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Cheesy Fried Chicken… I am tempted to go back, plonk myself at the food court, with the aircon and the food and a nearby spacious musollah, while the wife do her retail therapy.

Akustika Malam Edan

Akustika Malam Edan Search
LIVE in Singapore
1 June 2013

Brought a GoPro Hero3 to the concert…and forgot to manual set properly.

AKustika Malam Edan
Akustika Malam Edan


salam ukhwah
Good show by Search. Definitely, prefer this acoustic setup. The songs shine through more than the past few concerts in Singapore, namely the Double Trouble and the one with XPDC.

This should be my last concert. Enough lah…geng. Thanks for the rocking good times.

Burger Bakar Idaman

We visited the Gelang Patah Tuesday Night Market, last week and tried the Burger Bakar.

Awesome burger, better than the McDonalds, A&W, Subway and even the pasar malam favourite…Burger Ramly.

Price ranging from RM8 to RM13, it was delicious. Has to be considering the pasar malam was just across the street.

Burger Bakar

To get there, via the Tuas 2nd Link, take the Gelang Patah exit, turn left at the Petronas T-junction and take another left  at the next T-junction and into the carpark.
Fullscreen capture 2492013 22930 PM.bmp

walking dead TV

the world is in debt they say,
? the girls are browsing for luxury bags on their smartphones.

the world is having a food shortage they say,
? the guys gorging themselves in eating competitions.
and they later run miles to burn food, while others walked miles for food.

the world is dangerously warming up they say
? in our glitzy car showrooms and hot congested roads,
we see

the world is in ending they say
I think so too…
especially when tv don’t show comedies anymore,
just damn zombies.

Double Trouble LIVE in Singapore

We attended the Double Trouble LIVE in Singapore concert last Friday. Somehow, the reservist and hectic schedule the past month meant that we were late in purchasing the ticket. Blessing in disguise though, when on the day we bought the ticket, LIVE Empire the organizer announced a 20% discount on all tickets. We saved about $40 in total, more than enough to cover dinner and a midnight taxi ride home I guess.

Legoland Annual Pass – early bird discount

Legoland Malaysia is set to open on 15 September 2012. The 6th Legoland is located in NusaJaya, Johor. Compared to USS (about 20 rides), Legoland has more than 40 rides. Awesome for ride lovers young and old.

Ticket Type                           Regular
Special Promo          Annual Pass
Regular Price         
Annual Pass
Limited Early Bird 
1-Day Ticket Adult (12-59) RM140 RM96/SGD40 RM275/SGD115 RM245/SGD102
1-Day Ticket Child (3-11) RM110 RM70/SGD29 RM210/SGD88 RM180/SGD75
1-Day Senior (60+) RM110 RM70/SGD29 RM210/SGD88 RM180/SGD75

Currently, Special 1-Day Ticket promotion has not gone online.
Do check Legoland website for updates on ticketing location and online availability.
For now, the roadshows on tour now will be a good place to purchase Special Promo Single Day Tickets.

Is the Annual Pass worth it? If you plan to go 3 times within 12 months, the Limited Early Bird Annual Pass will be worth it compared to Special Promo Single Day.
When compared to Regular Price Single Day, 2 trips will cover.

Do note though, besides its limited availability:
– SISTIC charges SGD3 handling fee per ticket
– AirAsiaRedTix charges RM3