We started a new project. Based on our love for:

  1. Good, nice and pretty paper prints
  2. Giving money to both kids and elders
  3. Encouraging others to give
  4. Giving the right envelope for the right occasion
  5. Roll the money to donate more, although the profits are minimal

Some are handmade.

Hopefully, from now, nobody give out an Upin & Ipin Selamat Hari Raya to a wedding host or….worse…
to a member of the deceased family.


American Sharia, the movie

We both saw Omar Regan at the Twins of Faith 2012 in Putrajaya. We even bumped into him at lunch time. A real entertaining guy on stage, and real humble of stage. I mean how many of us consciously and/or consistently go around asking strangers to make doa for you?
Anyway, he is known for being probably the halal version of Chris Tucker. Yah, that US movie star.

Omar Regan has now set his heart and soul on something bigger! Halalywood! Yes! A Halal version of Hollywood.

Here is the trailer for their upcoming first blockbuster movie, Insyaallah…

the American Sharia

He is crowdfunding too via KickStarter. Rather than getting big house production…..I guess, this is the best way to keep the American Sharia movie funding halal.
May Allah bless this brother and the team.

In the meantime, I look forward to meet Omar Regan, Insyaallah this weekend at TOF2013. Hope to tell him I had backed his project and a couple of my friends too.

Double Trouble LIVE in Singapore

We attended the Double Trouble LIVE in Singapore concert last Friday. Somehow, the reservist and hectic schedule the past month meant that we were late in purchasing the ticket. Blessing in disguise though, when on the day we bought the ticket, LIVE Empire the organizer announced a 20% discount on all tickets. We saved about $40 in total, more than enough to cover dinner and a midnight taxi ride home I guess.

Bubble Life

Drove carefully like a mouse last night, but somehow the car had a flat tyre. I am still a sucker for putting in effort for a goal. It used to bother me that not everything I worked for will work out. There are some things for some unknown reason, despite efforts, will not happen irregardless how much we work for it. Got to have faith in God’s destiny.

Otherwise, today we received help in changing a punctured car tire.
Typical initial reaction was to google, but the sky-high price of data roaming overseas forbids it. Fortunately, there were others around to guide me along. When I did my driving test, I always wondered why they did not include changing of tires in the curriculum. I guess Singapore being red-dot small, a bit of 1 tyre punctured careful driving and you would have reached a workshop or gas station. Outside of Singapore no way to do that though… We spend about 30minutes on Sunday morning to change a tyre.

And, we roll about the grasses in Kampong Pok and played with bubbles, landing everywhere, and I like this iPhone4 shot the most.

It even inspired me to do a short verse.

Blown, forays into life.
Moments, squeals of excitement.
Guided by the wind, 
floating through the air, still.

(Repeat from start…
till none left,
none of the bubble solution or the last breath.)

Arts…will rise in the east?

Being born in the 70s, with Singapore economy making a foothold in industrialization I grew up with engineering, science and technology all around me. The secondary school that I attended even had only 2 arts class out of 10. Although I went on to do an engineering related and later move on to an IT job, arts had always intrigued me.

To me the various disciplines, a good mix of language, culture, history, geography, literature, psychology and the whole social presence in it all….makes us less robotic and more human.

How far does the impact on society and the nation do these human specialists have? Plenty. More often we will remember a great artist, someone like DaVinci more than an engineer like Bell or Watts.

I realized i only began to appreciate the human side of hung lately. Is it because of age? No I don’t think so. I think it has to do with economic reason. And compare it to a national scale, yes it could be. When a nation economic is chugging on fine, liberal arts will begin to flourish. As these non-engineers are able to support their living.

It translates from more books being sold, performances full houses or even increased funding from universities.

As the west now is in economic turmoil, will they neglect the arts side of things in trying to support their basic needs? Will they have to close arts school and open up more whine wring schools?

YALE current administration has been publicly slammed for opening up a college with NUS. Will we see a shift of liberal arts scene from the west to the east?

Time will tell but it will be interesting to hear more views from Asian historian lovers and economic think-tanks in future.

SEARCH LIVE in Singapore with XPDC

Watched SEARCH & XPDC LIVE in Singapore 2012. Was skeptical about watching SEARCH. I had watched them twice with disappointment in 2010 for the Double Trouble tour in Mount Kiara and Larkin. Amy’s singing was way below his normal high standards. Kidd was worse off with the guitar, I did not enjoy both performances in 2010 at all. So, I skipped the Fenomena 30 series tour in 2011 entirely.2012 Singapore Indoor Stadium cost us SGD$85 each. In Malaysia it would have cost RM100 maximum..

How was the concert? Not too bad, but not good either. Should not have paid more than SGD50 for it. I took some pictures with the crappy iPhone, did not bother to bring my LX3 or NX100 cam.

My sincere rockerz comment, “Aku boleh naik gi Malaysia naik bas turun bas, jalan kaki batu2 pasal nak pegi tengok SEARCH kat Stadium Larkin and Bukit Kiara Equesterian Club (tempat kuda tu). Tapi semalam, kat home ground, Singapore, mak ai…mood & feel langsung takde.”

Processing to Vintage

Not owning an iPhone prevented me from using Hipstamatic which is all the rage now. Worse was the fact that you cannot “Hipstamatize” from a picture file. I did read somewhere it is in the pipeline though by the founder.

Anyway, I research for a quick easy alternative.

And after a few, I do like the Poladroid. Of course it is free, though Paul Ladroid do prefer big donations.

Here is a sample I took. Notice the fingerprint? It did make me peer into my camera lens if it needed cleaning. Nice touch though.