Hebron and Bethlehem

We visited al-Haram al-Ibrahimi, also known as The Cave of the Patriarchs (Christians), and the Cave of Machpelah (Jews). Located in al-Khalil, aka Hebron. Al-Ibrahimi Mosque aka al-Haram al-Ibrahimi aka Sanctuary of Abraham aka Cave of the Patriarchs aka Cave of Machpelah (double tombs). More information on Wikipedia.


We went out early for Fajr prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque. A comical sight as we saw Ustaz in a black polo shirt and wearing bright red gloves. He had to borrow his wife's gloves. That walk along the Lions' Gate took us pass the Golden Dome first. What a sight. The shining golden dome. … Continue reading Al-Quds

There is only One

​﴾アッラーは子をもうけられない。またかれと一緒の外の神もない。そうであったら,それぞれの神は自分の創ったもので分裂しお互いに抜き出ようとして競い合う。アッラーに讃えあれ。(かれは)かれらの配するものを(超越され),幽玄界と現象界を知っておられ,かれらの配するものの上に高くおられる。 [Qur'an 23:  91-92]

Anthony Green

http://youtu.be/vVWShgimuro?t=5m14s Anthony Green shared his Catholic boarding school experience, and ultimately found Islam. Alhamdulillah. I had the experience of attending a Anglican missionary school during my teenage days. Being a young Muslim, it was challenging but interesting. Why interesting? It made me ponder why Christians do what they do. Some rituals felt almost pagan although the … Continue reading Anthony Green

Advice to Stop Sinning

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oONvAJywKuA Awesome advice on how to stop sinning from Sheikh Kamal El Mekki, He narrated from Ibrahim Ibn Adham which can insyaallah help me. Video was uploaded by iLovUAllah YouTube channel. Subscribe to them. I like how they keep the lectures concise but beneficial. How can I carry on Sinning when: I Eat/Drink from Allah's provisions … Continue reading Advice to Stop Sinning