Marijuana Rice

We had Nasi Ganja (Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed Rice) in Ipoh.

Legendary tale has it that some Malay dudes in the month of Ramadan, during the daytime, when they were supposed to be fasting, chose not to fast, and made their way to this restaurant to buy rice. In Malaysia, there is a Religious Police Division which goes around arresting Muslims who eat in public during daytime Ramadan. So, these guys will buy packed rice, complete with black plastic bags. There was even a term coin for them, the Black Plastic Bag gang.

There was another legendary tale going around, that there was indeed ganja in the recipe, so as to cause the addiction.

Both the “illegal” tone stories suits the mystery nevertheless.

And, we had to have it.

It was 11am. The tables were all taken up. But, the queue was not too bad. Probably around 10 pax in front of us.


Preparing the rice
5 cups of rice, basmati preferred – soak first for 30 mins and drain the water
1 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp margarine
1 chicken stock cube
6 tbsp chilli sauce
1 cube soup stock
1 tsp of cinnamon powder
3 pieces of cardamom
5 cloves of cloves
3 pieces of pandan leaves
Some salt

Blend the ingredients below till you get a smooth paste..
1 cube soup stock *
5 cloves garlic *
7 small onions *
1/2 inch ginger *

Cooking the rice:
1. Heat ghee and margarine in pot.
2. Stir fry with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cayenne and pandan leaves.
Stir well until you get an odor. Add water. And boil.
3. Add chicken stock and chilli sauce.
4. Add a little salt.
Preparing the curry
2 small packets of meat curry spice powder
1.5 small packet of fish curry spice powder
1 tbsp of chilli powder
– Mix all 3 powders well.

1 large big onion *
3 cloves small onion *
3 cloves of garlic*
1 inch ginger *
– Blend all four ingredients till fine.

2 chicken cube
Tamarind Juice
3/4 cup of oil
2 stalks of curry leaves

Cooking curry:
-Heat up the oil in the pot. Once hot, stir in the four blended ingredients…
When it’s fragrant add in the powder mix.
Stir up till you smell the fragrant. Add in the powders.
Once it runs red, add oil on it and then add the water.
Let it boil until like half the water is left, then add water again and let it boil again.
– Curry is now ready. Add chicken stock cube, sugar, salt, tamarind juice.
– Let it boil till it thickens.
Preparing the spiced Fried Chicken:
Beware you might not go back to your usual KFC, Texas, Popeye, McDonalds, A&W anymore.

2 tbsp turmeric powder
2 small packs of chicken curry spices
1 tablespoon coriander powder

To blend:
5 onions *
5 cloves garlic *
1 inch ginger *
1 inch galangal * (yes. galangal is not ginger.)
3 sticks of lemongrass *

– optional 1 teaspoon sweet cumin
– optional a little salt and sugar
– 3 curry leaves

Cooking the Fried Chicken
Mix all. Coat the chicken thoroughly.
Minimum 3 hours. Best overnight.
Fry with controlled medium heat.
Preparing the sambal prawns

500gm large shrimp size
5 tbsp chilli paste
3 cloves of red onion are considered thin 2 onions – mixed / mashed
1 clove garlic – grind / mashed
2 tsp shrimp paste
Tamarid juice

Cooking: Heat oil and saute till it turns bright yellow. Fill in the chilli blend.
Stir fry till chilli is completely crisp and cooked. It will turn slightly dark,
Add a little sugar. Stir.
Add tamarind water and salt. Stir well for a while.
Insert prawns.
Adjust taste with salt, sugar and tamarind juice.

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