Go on and strive

Sometimes we feel disadvantaged…
A sister struggles with the hijab. And wonder what is tough about not shaving the beards and wearing ankle pants for brothers.
A dad struggling to lead his beloved family. And wonder how easy it is for the wife to enter Jannah from whichever door she wishes.
A non-Arab guy struggling to understand and memorize the Quran. And seeing the Islamic college student
A not-so-well-off person wondering if he can set aside 20% of the wealth for charity and survive. While corporations get tax rebates.
And many other examples.
But the beauty of it all…is right in our Islamic framework.
Believing that the reward may not be here, may not be now.
Things will never be fair or will reward itself here now.
But, everything is bigger, better and forever in the Hereafter.
So…don’t give up.
And let that angel on your right, write.

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