7 places you can Donate gently used stuffs in Singapore

Besides Salvation Army, where can I donate gently used goods that are still in good condition?

1. H&M 

Donate pre-loved clothes for a 15% off voucher. 1 voucher per bag. Max of 2 voucher daily. A reason to shop some more…
More info: H&M Garment Collecting


Donate clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, books and toys.
More info: New2U Thrift Shop

3. Foodbank

For those food in hamper gifts you do not want.
More info: Foodbank


They accept all items that are in usable, good condition – such as clothes, bags, books, small furniture, household items, toys and more.
More info : MINDS Shop

5. Pass It On

They accept home appliances, furniture, medical aids, mobility aids. Wish list by needy families made through the NWOs. Monetary donations can also be made online here. More info: Pass it On

6. Global Ehsan Relief

Another on of our favorite is Global Ehsan Relief. Especially winter clothes, and you have sworn you will not visit a cold country anymore. More info: Global Ehsan Relief Winter

And of course, there is always

7. Salvation Army

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