Whitish Pink

The #pinkdot and #wearwhite movement is heating up. 

Like many, I have been observing, the LBGT movement too. I came from a boys mission school. Supposedly religious, but there is this thing about “alternative lifestyle”.

Probably, it did open up my eyes and I generally avoid gyms and pools and locker rooms till today.
There is a certain aura around them which makes me uncomfortable to be with them in these locations specifically.
And also outside those area generally, when possible. Not carrying a holier than thou attitude but there is this callous attitude around them that “Hey! I am different! My lifestyle is different! I’m stylish!”.
I wouldn’t care with the above attitudes, but what concerns me is the “Come, give me more right! Give me more space. Give me chance to tell u how lovely it is. Come, join me! Come, I show your kids!”

Our dearest Prime Minister did mention about keep it as status quo. Something likes a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” policy.
Agree with him on this, which I rarely do.

Anyway saw an interesting scientific research article published in 2003.
Titled, “This is the Way, God made me.” A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the “Gay Gene” by Brad Harrub, Ph.D. and Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Dave Miller, Ph.D. They provided real statistics, discussed whether homosexuality is genetic, studied other findings and even provided an interesting twins study. Read it here.

To me, the best part is the conclusion. Reproduction is biologically impossible for same sex partners. So, if a “gay gene” exists, it would have been wiped out altogether. So parents, cool down and do not get into insulting tirades with the pink movement. They are human too and have feelings. Uphold the family values, a good fatherly manly figure will not sway our boys easily.



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