MH370, wher r u

Sad sad day, Allah knows best.
But I still wonder why planes are not #blackbox #sync #cloud #GPS.
When our #smartphone #sync #cloud #GPS.

Even then, we are beginning to walk on this Earth like it is our right,
that only our intelligence, hard work and meritocracy environment will take us to places…
not being appreciative that all blessings came, comes and will continue to come from Allah and Allah alone.
It should be a humbling reminder for those who believed.

Forgive us Oh Allah. We tend to forget and allowed ourselves to get distracted.
Have mercy and multiply the rewards for those involved in one way another:
the victims, the families, the search and rescue team, the Malaysian Airline, KLIA and Everly Putrajaya staffs and all those who volunteered and those who continued to pray for them.
Doa is the weapon of the believers.

Meanwhile, some of the Press Conference, interviews and all PR aspects could have been better. A few public figures have crossed the line. Not a good time to take the limelight, but the best is to keep it minimum. Never try to use this opportunity to take a swipe at MAS or KLIA, ministers, and worse of all the victim’s families and friends.

Mario Balotelli was not spared either. Source: The Star news.


Anthony Green

Anthony Green shared his Catholic boarding school experience, and ultimately found Islam. Alhamdulillah.

I had the experience of attending a Anglican missionary school during my teenage days. Being a young Muslim, it was challenging but interesting.

Why interesting? It made me ponder why Christians do what they do. Some rituals felt almost pagan although the Father was always explaining the significance of it.

My schoolmates were the nicest of people, though there were some nasty students and teaching staff trying to sway my faith. We also had a Jew classmate and the typical Asian cocktail mix of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.