Cameron Highlands Dec 2013

We did a trip to Cameron Highlands with friends and families.

We drove up the “famous” Tapah winding roads. Two out of 11 of us actually “merlioned”.
“Merlioned” is a Singapore slang for vomit, just like how you see the Merlion statue spouting water out. Actually only one of us. The other one actually “merlioned” 1km after we left the toll junction. She actually had too much of the crackers. Must have been a pretty slow trip for her…munching non-stop.

Tapah Exit

Cameron Lavender


Masjid Kampong Brinchang

The Butterfly garden which was a beauty. Though, many butterflies seems to have been trampled upon on the floors. The reptiles and insect section seems to be a hit with the kids.

green gecko

A late relaxing afternoon high tea at Cameron Highlands Resort.High Tea at Cameron

Sliced bee hive

Slept for the night at Strawberry Park Resort and off we go to the Tea Centre the next day.Good morning Camerons

'BOH' Tea CentreSungei Palas