American Sharia, the movie

We both saw Omar Regan at the Twins of Faith 2012 in Putrajaya. We even bumped into him at lunch time. A real entertaining guy on stage, and real humble of stage. I mean how many of us consciously and/or consistently go around asking strangers to make doa for you?
Anyway, he is known for being probably the halal version of Chris Tucker. Yah, that US movie star.

Omar Regan has now set his heart and soul on something bigger! Halalywood! Yes! A Halal version of Hollywood.

Here is the trailer for their upcoming first blockbuster movie, Insyaallah…

the American Sharia

He is crowdfunding too via KickStarter. Rather than getting big house production…..I guess, this is the best way to keep the American Sharia movie funding halal.
May Allah bless this brother and the team.

In the meantime, I look forward to meet Omar Regan, Insyaallah this weekend at TOF2013. Hope to tell him I had backed his project and a couple of my friends too.


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