Fiqh of Salah next

Really looking forward to attend Al-Maghrib’s Insititue, Fiqh of Salah with Sheikh Abu Easa Niamatullah, over the next 2 weekends, insyaallah.

Has always been a fan of his dark humour and straight in the face comments which trigger my thoughts into the many implications and underlying messages. He is the founder I guess of 1st Ethical and Prophetic Guidance, and most importantly, a Manchester United fan.

As for now, I will read again one of his articles that I came across while searching tips on khusyoo in salah. His witty article helps me to sort of rejuvenate my salah by knowing what is rukun, sunnah to freshen up ourselves but within the boundaries and guidelines.


Food Channel at JPO

Not really a fan of JPO. It is smacked right in the middle of a hot palm oil plantation. It takes like forever to reach, and there was a limited variety of halal food.

All that have changed now, it’s Food Channel (the food court), have filled up nicely. There is Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Cheesy Fried Chicken… I am tempted to go back, plonk myself at the food court, with the aircon and the food and a nearby spacious musollah, while the wife do her retail therapy.