I will never walk alone

Attended a lecture organized by Sout Ilahi group. The title was a football slogan. “You’ll never walk alone..” Almost reluctant to go because of the title. (I am not a Liverpool fan).

Content was about our human need and search for permanence and happiness. Permanent happiness. Why does our ads always portray the keyword “happy”? Advertiser know that is the buzz word. Gets your swipe card buzzing.

Why are we always searching for happiness…or in pursuit of it? Are we in fact running from troubles? Deal with difficulties.

Patience?  Do we really have to react with Allah like how we do when we interact with human? Analogy of kid playing near electric socket, mom threw an object at the head. When Allah loves us, he will remove things and matters that are dear and close to our heart.

My takeaway GEMS in a nutshell, is to have faith, redha and don’t give up. Because Allah loves us. Gave us both hardships and ease, so we may turn out the best.

A few months after this talk…I bumped into an old friend. What he said made me cringed. He wanted Allah to fulfill his wishes before he does his daily solah. A few kind words and discussion….but I do hope to continue making doa for him, that Allah may give him hidayah.

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