Reduced Print…but Increase Energy Consumption

We used to walk to the library, flipping through thousands of pages just to quell our thirst for knowledge on a topic. Now, in an effort to be paperless, we flipped through our tablets. As they have a small battery capacity, it needs some charging.

Is it the tablets only using the energy? Think again.
At the house/office, the wireless router is switched ON, the high speed fiber box is switched ON, the routers and switches at the LAN/WAN and telcos are switched ON and many more devices on the grid like cloud storage remained turn ON 247.

Those tiny smaller than signature email footnotes:”Think before printing, Save the trees, the Earth!” Is it really helpful? Or simply gimmicky? They then run lots of advertisements about the senselessness of printing. A whole PR mambo jumbo materials flooding bus stops, train stations etc. Not just being content with flyers, they are having digital signage systems. Huge ones mind you, supposedly on low consumption LEDs but being a networked system, it encompasses the CPU, storage system, control system and a whole lot of video processors, all being turned ON 247.

It is all hypocritical in nature, maybe we should take a few steps back. Why are we feeling like we have the god damn right to waste energy away? And later on start protesting about the government trying to build nuclear power facilities or a massive dam(n) project.

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