Staying just across Kyoto Station is unbelievable. Hokke Hotel was reasonably priced. Can you imagine staying like across City Hall in Singapore, the price we have to pay? So, in Kyoto, we could walked across to Kyoto Station for the huge Isetan Mall, something like 9 levels of it. We also raid the supermarket below in the evening for its food clearance sale. Yes, they clear their stocks daily at about 6pm. We could buy salmon and crabsticks and salads for a knockoff price. Among other things, is the bus station, easy to use and acts as a base for us to travel in the lovely city.

We did Arashiyama, check out the Bamboo Forest and do our favorite train ride…this time will be the Sagano Romantic Train.

First stop, the Tenryuji (天龍寺, Tenryūji) Garden and inevitably the temple too. The garden I was told was relatively in its original settings unlike the buildings which was destroyed and rebuilt due to wars and fires.

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