Bubble Life

Drove carefully like a mouse last night, but somehow the car had a flat tyre. I am still a sucker for putting in effort for a goal. It used to bother me that not everything I worked for will work out. There are some things for some unknown reason, despite efforts, will not happen irregardless how much we work for it. Got to have faith in God’s destiny.

Otherwise, today we received help in changing a punctured car tire.
Typical initial reaction was to google, but the sky-high price of data roaming overseas forbids it. Fortunately, there were others around to guide me along. When I did my driving test, I always wondered why they did not include changing of tires in the curriculum. I guess Singapore being red-dot small, a bit of 1 tyre punctured careful driving and you would have reached a workshop or gas station. Outside of Singapore no way to do that though… We spend about 30minutes on Sunday morning to change a tyre.

And, we roll about the grasses in Kampong Pok and played with bubbles, landing everywhere, and I like this iPhone4 shot the most.

It even inspired me to do a short verse.

Blown, forays into life.
Moments, squeals of excitement.
Guided by the wind, 
floating through the air, still.

(Repeat from start…
till none left,
none of the bubble solution or the last breath.)

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