Aus-tralia Day

Realized today is Australia Day, I used to be enchanted by Australia, till the day I went to Melbourne in 2010, got abused on the public train, got bumped off Lt Bourke Street twice and heard a few racist remark made by the tour guide. There were some nice people along the way, but generally I’ve had enough of Australia and not keen at all to return for studies, work or holiday if possible.

Anyway, I was just wondering, how on Earth did they have the cheek, celebrating Independence Day or National Day of their own, when they actually stole the whole land stock barrel kangaroo koalas from the Aborigines without going to war legally or gaining independence.

So…what was Australia Day for? Surprise, surprise it was actually the celebration of the day the first fleet arrived in Port Jackson, Sydney Australia in 1788. They then went on killing 20 million Aborigines to make Australia white. It took those whites till like 2007 to acknowledge the Aborigines and dedicate them with a bridge.

I’ve got no issues with the history in 1788, but what disturbed me most was the attitude the current Australians are still having. The worst was coming from a tour guide, and there were a few Asians in the group.

As the mini-bus made its way past the Harbourtown on its way to the 12 Apostle, the tour guide made a remark.

“Guys, we are now reaching the western part of Melbourne City, as you can see this is the industrialization area, so crime rate is pretty high here due to the presence of immigrants and non-whites. Compare this to the main city, where crime rate is low and lower likelihood of getting robbed by these immigrant society.”

If this was mentioned at the end of the trip I’d have kicked up a big fuss. So does he think he is a native? The original Australian? I guessed, he must have thought he was, with ancestors that went all the way back to England and are most likely the descendants of criminals being expelled to Australia. Bloody racist Asstralian.

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