which bicycle?

I needed a bicycle with the following qualities.

– hard tail for some light trail and “tiny” jumps
– full size 26″
– below S$1500
– foldable (to roll under office desk)

The last feature, ability to fold, had narrowed the search down to a Dahon and a few from Montague.

Montague Paratrooper S$1499

Front disc brake.

Montague X50 S$850

Diginexx is the authorised distributor for Montague in Singapore. The markup for the Paratrooper is extremely high.

In US Amazon,
X50             – US$599 ~ SGD$760
Paratrooper – US$799 ~ SGD$1015

How could a US$200 ~ SGD$300 max, turn into a SGD$700 difference?

If I forego the MTB part, there is another 2 new bikes I saw at mybikeshop that I can consider. The C21 and P21 from Tern Joe series. Both full size, below $1500 but no suspension. The N-folding mechanism is also much sleek, without the need to remove any 

parts or wheels.
It folds faster and I can actually push the folded bike around one hand.

tern Joe P24

tern Joe C24

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