Singapore Super League

Indian Football set to have new league Feb25 – Apr8 with 6 teams. news here

30players & 6coaches auctioned, incl Marquee players.

Each team $2.5million, max 4 foreigners, min 6 U21 Indian players.

So, S-League, rather than dish out “Conference League standard” with 12 teams in tiny SG,

which we supporters cannot endure to watch…it’s too slow and too long..

probably a 2-3 months competition with marquee players and lesser teams,

most of us here will probably attend our 1st exciting S-League game.

Oh, and let’s call it Singapore Super League, SSL.

On another note, news about the new deputy CEO for S-League has appear.

The papers wrote a report that he was a bankrupt in France, unfit to run any businesses,

and yet now, he is now holding a very important post in Singapore’s football. Pathetic!

Still thinking white men superior is probably “near normal” in Singapore businesses….

but any white man will do? FAS?


“NEWLY-APPOINTED S-League deputy CEO Johan Gouttefangeas is a bankrupt in France.
He has also been banned from doing business there for five years.
Contacted by The New Paper yesterday, Gouttefangeas explained that the bankruptcy came about due to failed businesses in France”


“….The FAS appointed Gouttefangeas to the position of CEO of the S-League on Jan 6. Unhappy over his appointment, his former club, Etoile FC, announced they were pulling out of the 2012 season on Monday to leave the competition with 13 teams this year.

Gouttefangeas had left Etoile FC S$100,000 in the red when he abruptly quit the club as chairman on June 24 last year and it was one of the main reasons why the 2010 S-League champions withdrew.

Gouttefangeas avoided speaking to Today at a luncheon attended by FAS officials as well as S-League club chairmen at the Amara Hotel yesterday. Today understands club chairmen were instructed not to address the issue to the media.

But, speaking on condition of anonymity, one club official said: “The FAS just did not do their due diligence before hiring him. This has made a laughing stock of Singapore football.”

Another club official felt there was no other option but for the FAS to relieve Gouttefangeas of his duties.”

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