Revive support for S-League

Watching the LionsXII playing in Alor Star, Kedah, I still don’t understand why we should rekindle M-Cup romance. If it was A, K or J league that will be awesome…but M league? Doesn’t matter if they add the word Super to their league, calling it MSL, it still isn’t Superb at all. As much as Malaysian national team may appear to have improved, their play is still pretty much the same. And I do not enjoy the bad blood some Malaysian players seems to have whenever tackles come flying in especially for Singapore team. And it was boring, even the Kedah fans don’t pack the stadiums just for Singapore team anymore. It was eerily quiet, the stadium. The rejoining of the M-league is many steps backward. Just look at the 2 games so far.

Yes, it may be too early to judge, but their lack of import players can never improve them. How can a bunch of Malays siting around together ever improve themselves. More likely, everyone will just find a corner to relax to.

LionsXII players may just end up being exhausted with travelling around those Malaysian states, with no skills or techniques improvement at all, having to play in wet fields and against playing against small skinny and maybe some speedy players only.

I mean can Singapore National Team really improve when they have to face the Arab nations and North Asia players to bring us to the next level. Will the team be made up of majority LionsXII or those in S-League.

Even then, are we really happy beating other Southeast Asia teams and not advancing any further in Asian Cup or World Cup?

The decision to return to M-League should make some Singapore football lovers to
feel guilty for not supporting the S league before. I did felt guilt when the annoncement was made and after the flat Kelantan encounter and boring Kedah encounter, I may want to get Gombak United FC S-League 2012 season tickets.

Oh, wait a minute, Gombak United no longer plays at Gombak Stadium. So who plays at Gombak Stadium? No one? GUFC now plays at Jurong West, SAFFC plays at CCK.

Pre-season friendlies for S-League 2012 under way now.

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