Chatuchak Market to open on weekdays?

Chatuchak Weekend Market City Hall will be managed by the State Railway of Thailand from 2 Jan 2012. They will takeover the operations from the City Hall. There seems to be plans to open on weekdays and to change its layout too. (story here)

Weekdays part, I’m not entirely convinced. It’s the weekenders sellers that give this market its uniqueness. A good mix of veteran sellers and a really good variety of “flea market” and amateur sellers with quirky products and services.

The layout change, I’m sure all of us who visit the place once a year will agree. Somehow though, getting lost and walking in circles in Chatuchak, was a lovely annual affair. New sections discovered always.

I seriously hope it will remain a people’s market. It will be sad to see big stores and franchises chains like the Starbucks, the McDonalds and the 7-11s in Chatuchak Market.
It’s like Singapore without hawker centre’s and street food at all.

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