1 night in Bangkok

Our last trip to Bangkok was in 2006. We were actually arranging for a Chiangmai-Ayutthaya-Bangkok-Hua Hin trip, but due to the recent flooding, we had to abort it. After some deliberation, we then decided to do Hua Hin and a night in Bangkok.
We looked forward to arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport and taking the 
Chatuchak Weekend Market was still opened when we left at 7pm. It used to close at 5-6pm, not too sure the reason for this. I did find out though that City Hall will no longer manage the market in 2012. State Railway will be claiming its rights to manage it. There seems to be plans to open on weekdays and to change its layout too. (story here)
No, these boxes were not Xmas presents. Those were sandbags used during the flood.
We took a short walk to MBK for halal dinner and some shopping.
We stayed at Novotel Siam Square for the night. In 2006, it was still located at MBK, but they are now at Siam Square, still spanking new. We also read that during the flood last month, the hotel opened up 250 rooms for the staff to stay in with their families. I’m sure it meant a lot for the staff and families.
My feet in the middle of the Thai Foot Massage. Check out the swollen blood veins of my feet.
The morning after…thought I was looking at pair of girls feet. No kidding, just check out the blood veins at my feet no longer popped out.
The beautiful sunrise at Bangkok overlooking Sukhumvit area.
We had to checkout early and make our way to Hua Hin, via a minibus from somewhere around Victory Monument area.

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