JPO Kulai Visit

We made a trip up to Johor Premium Outlet in Kulai today. Took the Causeway Link Bus and it was a breeze.
Jurong East to CIQ 2nd Link: SGD$4.00
CIQ 2nd link to JPO: RM$4.20

Immigration clearance was quick, no weekend tour buses or China tourists bus loads in sight. We actually left our home (Bukit Batok) 10:00am to catch the 10:40am JPO2 at CIQ 2nd Link, managed to reach just in time and we reached JPO promptly at 11:15am.

We reached JPO by bus in 1h 15minutes, faster than reaching Orchard Road on some days. Timing started from when we stepped out of our house, includes bus waiting time, travelling time, immigration and toll clearance. We did not miss not having the Mazda or Chevy around this time.

Stroller and wheelchair rental services are available. A few ATMs around, Maybank is there too, right beside the Police Base.Store List here.
Some stores like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger will only open in Jan 2012. There were a few stores undergoing renovation, we got a major high from carpenter glue smell. Expect a big hit on your smell senses if you go now.

Discounts varies from store to store. Some up to 70% discount, some only 10% and a few actually only offer discounts with purchases of 3-5 items. The crowd seems to know a bargain, with crowds seen in Burberry and Coach especially.
Stomach wise, a few F&B stores were open. Coffee Bean, Starbucks, CrispyCrepe, a few restaurants non-halal and the Food Court. No off-season discounts or last year stocks from the F&B though. Food Court only opened half its stores. The Nasi Lemak there cost 9 Ringgit. I saw a staff from one of the stores brought in food boxes for lunch for his colleagues. Baskin Robbins have not brought in their chairs though, although they are operational. It helps in the searing heat. JPO smacks itself among the “kelapa sawit” oil palm plantation.


Notice the big space at Baskin Robbins? The chairs are not in yet, understandably.
Baskin Robbins House Warming


Nike Factory Store is huge. Price are about the same in Singapore though. Lots of old designs, it was a factory outlet after all.

Big store

Opening only in Jan 2012


Pink Jambu


We came in from CIQ on JPO2.
Decided to take JPO1 to JB Sentral for the return trip. Costs RM0.30 sen more, slightly longer draggy route. It was a humid afternoon, and we both slept peacefully throughout the comfortable bus ride. Looked forward to having Peri-Peri Chicken at Nandos, City Square.


Besides the shuttle bus service by CausewayLink, there was another shuttle service provided by TranStar via Kotaraya II Terminal. RM5.00 per adult and RM2.50 per child, 1 way. You can board it at the the same bus bay at JPO too.

We didn’t buy much at the JPO. Might have bought something at Burberry or Coach, otherwise there is nothing much for us there. The Europeans outlet change are still better than the US ones for me.

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