Mat Yoyo Returns in 2012 in 4 Singapore languages

Mat Yoyo a popular iconic children TV series in the 80s will return in 2012. The cast was anchored by 2 cats. Cats were a familiar sights and encounters among toddlers and kids in Singapore’s housing estates.

This time around though, the TV series will be produced in 4 languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil by Mediacorp EagleVision. It had been a long time since the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) days. Let’s do hope it can be successful and take on a successful run. news here

Wishing for Mat Yoyo 2012 to be a success. The series in the 80s lasted 12 years. The Malay educational show was not just popular among the Malays, but we had Chinese and Indian friends who are fans of the 80s Mat Yoyo as well. Truly iconic, the cats had a guardian, a very informative and magical, Pak Mat Sentul (article in Malay, do a translate). 
For us, it will not be the same without Pak Mat, but I’m sure the new host will do a good job too.

Translation: 50 episodes will be published by Eaglevision MediaCorp in 4 languages

Definitely, our iconic cats will win the kids over the trains, penguins, purple dinosaurs and many other “foreign” animals, anytime.

Interestingly, kids of 2012 as compared to the 80s are much different. These days we have iPads and 1001 entertainment to engage them. They think differently as a result of more exposure and will definitely be a challenge for the 4 hosts. I can half imagine live segments where witty kids will turn the host inside out.

Back then, we played outside more often, and Mat Yoyo and kids or cartoon segments are for early mornings and late afternoons kind of after-shower cool down staples.

Err…will there be a tagalog version soon?

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