My not angry bird arrived – Focal Bird 2.1

Bought the Focal Bird Speakers 2.1 from OrangeComms during Comex2011. A set of 2.1 speakers made by the french Focal which had received some good reviews. Good deal at the Comex?  No discount, I received a free iTransmitter and since they only left with black, I wanted a white to match with my PS3). . I cannot collect the speakers on the spot, but they will deliver it to my doorstep. Bummer…but suits me fine actually, saves me the hassle of lugging the box back home. 😀

As the sun sets on 06 Sept 2011, the Birds arrived to a new home…

For the longest time I had been considering getting a 2.1 speaker setup with amplifier and distributor to pair with my Polk subwoofer, but when I heard the Focal Bird series was coming, I knew this was it.

Main attraction was the down firing sub woofer, sharing space with the amplifier. Basically, I will only have 1 headunit (amplifier + subwoofer combo), so no subwoofer to take up precious floor space in my tiny HDBox (HDB flat).

Speakers input terminal


Manual with … extra stickers..for?

Setting the switches for the Little Bird

The Focal Little Bird set costs SGD$1388. Focal indicates it was meant for a room size of 40sq meters.

The Focal Bird meanwhile costs SGD$1588, for a room size of 60sq meters.

Setting the switches for the Bird

The 2 speakers on table stand together with the wall stand

Power Bird – 2.1 Compact System

Dip switches set

Speaker cable by Focal

Below is the reason for the compactness. Half of the real estate was for the amplifier and center speakers. The other half was for the down firing subwoofer. I don’t quite like how near the sub is to the edge. When I tried pulling out from the audio rack, I tend to place my second to last fingers on the sub. Mind you, it is heavy, as it contained both amplifier and subwoofer.

View of downfiring subs

Remote Control

HD Wireless iTransmitter

Kleer High Definition Wireless Transmitter, Made in Korea.

Plug it into my iPhone4 and iPad, works like a chime. Initially, it will prompt a warning indicating, “Application Not Installed”, clicking Yes, will cause it to go AppStore and all confused. Click No, it will ignore the notice.

Pair it, just once the transmitter with receiver and it will work easily on any iPhone or iPad. Will dig out my old iPod Nano and see if it works.

Btw, WIFI is still working, which means I can stream my YouTube audio or Internet Radio. Music to my ears at last.

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