Holga Lens for the NX100

I was always intrigued by friends who carry Lomo & Holga film cameras. Their passion for “imperfect photos” meant they would face possibilities of paying big bucks for film rolls, film developing and risks of many failed shots, as it is film not digital, where you can shoot, “like keep, dislike delete”.  I then found a Holga Lens made for the NX mount on eBay. I did saw some shots taken by it from the NX100 Facebook group. Without hesitation, I ordered it. Would love to bring it out on a hot sunny day, which is pretty always in Singapore. 2 weeks later it arrived in the mailbox, after I returned from the wisdom tooth extraction.

Now, my mouth hurts real bad but I hope there will be energy and plenty of light to try out the lens this weekend outdoors.


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