Road to Brazil 2014 – 2nd Round Qualifiers

I joined the Die-Hard fans to support the Singapore team in Malaysia. A quick call to Akbar Hashim, transfer of money and I was ready. Miss those Malaysia Cup days and hopefully, we can indeed support Singapore in Brazil World Cup 2014. Hahaaa..

Malaysia got ball of their own.

Melissa Goh, KL CNA correspondent.

If you look closely at the picture below, you can see the Singapore flag on the Malaysian side. A defaced one. here at stomp

Telling the Japanese match officials their dream score.

Watching out for projectiles thrown by the Malaysian fans.

Waited for the stadium to clear, before we can leave. The Ultras were actually waiting for us outside, taunting and throwing a few things. Typical football taunts.
But the racial slurs are a bit uncalled for Losers
A fan i made friends with on this trip, JJ, recorded it here

Noticed the rider on bottom left of screen? Our bus was also pelted with pebbles along the way. The police did a good job though. They escorted the buses all the way to Sungei Besi toll.


Holga Lens for the NX100

I was always intrigued by friends who carry Lomo & Holga film cameras. Their passion for “imperfect photos” meant they would face possibilities of paying big bucks for film rolls, film developing and risks of many failed shots, as it is film not digital, where you can shoot, “like keep, dislike delete”.  I then found a Holga Lens made for the NX mount on eBay. I did saw some shots taken by it from the NX100 Facebook group. Without hesitation, I ordered it. Would love to bring it out on a hot sunny day, which is pretty always in Singapore. 2 weeks later it arrived in the mailbox, after I returned from the wisdom tooth extraction.

Now, my mouth hurts real bad but I hope there will be energy and plenty of light to try out the lens this weekend outdoors.