Quick NYE 2011

Quick countdown…we lazed around the house, hibernating…thinking it is so damn warm to go outside. Acclimatization in progress after the cool cold winter Korea trip.

Anyway, we left home 45 minutes to 2011, took the MRT down to City Hall. Missing the Seoul Metro already. We reached City Hall, walked to the area, at the junction diagonal of the “Durians” and we waited for another 3 minutes for the fireworks.

It was LAME. Lacking of countdown spark and energy. Countdown goes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and BOOM!!
Bring it out all. The 1st bang.
The Marina one was slow draggy and not energizing at all.

Maybe, I’ve watched too much TV, the Sydney countdown etc.
Sigh, a good 7 minutes and we were out of there. I think there were more tourist. Hopefully, they manage to find a way to get back to their hotels. Taxis do a Copperfield & Houdini on nights like this. Just like COE quota. hmmm…

I sold my car in Nov 2009. No, i’m not itching to get one soon. I do hope that the trains and buses will not be overcrowded as a result of people not able to buy cars. Its a whole complex scenario but damn socio-economy and population generation theories. The need to support the ageing population etc. How about land, water, food, public transport and most importantly personal space.
Good luck to me, but I still wish to retire to a beach resort.

Just wondering…with all this news about rising sea water and dangers to beach dwellers, is there any beach at all not affected?

Happy 2011!


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