Back from Seoul – safely JIT

Two days after we returned from Seoul, we were still watching KBS and Arirang TV un Singapore. Our last 3 days in Seoul was extremely cold, we were glad we got back in time. Watched the news, Seoul had a heavy snow downpour. Scenes of the Seoul street, battling the blizzard.

Some of the temperature datas during the 10 days in Seoul. The temperature was below 0 degrees celcius most of the time. It dipped to -13 at some point. It was a good experience for us. The temperature was just one factor. The one we hated most was when it came with the wind. Strong winds up to 42km/h with cold air was biting. We realized we needed to be better prepared for winter trips. The sad part was we didn’t get to see much snow. Maybe the Jan/Feb tourists would see better scenery. For us, we got the cold Siberian winds.

When we see the winter weather running havoc in European and American countries, we felt truly blessed. Singapore’s hot, humid and rainy weather suited us fine. Much bearable really.

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