Seoul Day 5: Sunrise at Seoraksan, Sokcho

We checked in Kensington Stars Hotel, Seoraksan the day before. Although the hotel was quiet and old looking, the environment was stunning. Situated very close to nature, we both woke up with the sunrise filtering in through the glass windows. Magnificent!

We didn’t see much of this view last night. It was dark, no city lights in here, although it was full moon, we were not able to see the details. In the morning, we could even see the frozen stream.

The Kensington Stars Hotel is just a short 5 mins short walk to the Seoraksan Park entrance.


Made our way to the Cable Car Station.

It was a cold windy morning, and the cable car ride was suspended momentarily.

We waited for the strong wind to subside and was duly rewarded.
View from the cable car. We could see the Kensington Stars Hotel and further back in the distant is Sokcho city.


The relatively easy stairs climb.

More views along the way.

Some places were out of bounds. Ice on ground. The climb start to get tougher as we walked to the peak.

So, this is where we are. Mount Gwonggeumseong .









Checked out the hotel with a heavy heart and left for Sokcho City.




Autumn in My Heart was shot here. I have no idea about the movie or drama.


After some quick stroll around Socho City we made our way back to Seoul.

At the rest point, I bought something called a Walnut Cake. I loved Walnuts and I loved cakes. So it was a simple choice. But no, it was a flour puff with red beans. I don’t quite like red beans. Back home, it will either by Cheese, Choc, Peanut but never red bean. Walnuts? None at all, It was red beans filling and the puff flour looks like walnut.

In this cold weather, anything warm and fresh in our stomach felt heavenly.

And yes, it was the famous quirky toilet bowl, common in North East Asian countries. I’ve encountered these when I visited Taiwan back in 98. And yes, I still forgot and threw my toilet paper right into it. I ran off as I saw the toilet bowl beginning to stutter and crank.


We arrived at Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal,  made our way to the metro station, walked quickly to Sokcho Hotel, located near Hongik University. The winds were cold and harsh. The area was truly vibrant place even at midnight.

We missed Seoraksan peace, quiet and fresh air though. Should have stayed there longer.

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