Seoul Day 3: Symposium Day

I was actually working to do my final touches to my presentation last night. When I was done, I was captivated by the moon. Yes, it was a huge moon out there. Only manage to use the Samsung NX100 with 55-200 lens and snapped a few shots. I finally hit the bed near after 3am.

What do I normally do in Singapore? Wake up, shower…quick breakfast and off I go. I did exactly the same in Korea. Big mistake was, I went out without any effort to dry my hair. And with the temperature nearing -10 degrees celcius, it was horrid out there. My mind actually went blank and it was just 1 direct target. Reach the location, no photos of the beautiful Hanyang University, the beautiful and calm sun rising.

It was great meeting everyone finally in person. All this while it was merely by Skype or MSN Messenger.

A whole day of sharing session, it was a long trip well spent. I was thankful for this opportunity.

Hanyang University.

Window seat view at the seminar room.

The product demo booths.

Catch up with wifey at night and off we went to Dongdaemun. A freezing cold Saturday night, but there were outdoor performances everywhere.

We strolled along the river all the way back to Kukdoo Hotel.

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