Seoul Day 2: Winter Sonata Holidays

Yes indeed. Our 1st snow! What a sight! We were excited!

That morning, I remembered feeling my ass froze! Pulled the blanket over and honestly I was never a blanket person back in Singapore. I was sleeping by the window, and yet without looking out the window, I went to the toilet urgently. And that was when I heard my wife screamed. “It’s snowing!” She saw it 1st.

We made a quick meal from our survival kit of rendang, rice and seronding from Singapore. The food supply was 1/3 of the luggage bag. What do you expect? We will be here for 10 days.

We got changed and made our way to the MTR Euljiro 4 station. Thankfully, the hotel was near the MTR entrance. Bought our T-money card, top it up and proceeded to Namdaemun. Attempt was the key word there. It was freezing cold when we steeped out of Central Station. We were totally disoriented, must be the cold, and walked quickly to a coffee place in sight. We bought a drink each and walk out, and were totally clueless to go. Roughly knew the direction, but the coldness was mind numbing. I hate the brain freeze. One of the reasons I don’t enjoy working in cold rooms, both manufacturing and data server rooms was this, my brains kind of freeze up.

We then heard a drum beat and followed it. Ah! Something we read in the brochures, it must be from the palace, the royal guard change. We had somehow witness the Deoksugung Palace Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony in action. Performance time daily except Mondays or bad weather. Timings 11:00 / 14:00 / 15:30.

We hurriedly took a snapshot with the Royal Guard and hot coffee in our hands, as it was beginning to snow again. Ouch! Snow bites!!

We thought of exploring the palace but it was bitterly cold and we went underground. Look at the map and off we go to Namdaemun.

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