Why Capture? Create! with our new NX100

We’ve finally settled on a new digital camera. Took a long while to decide between Pentax KX, Sony’s NEX5 and Olympus E-P2 and E-PL1. Decided on E-P2, checked out a few prices. Wanted to wait for GF2, but the Korea trip is looming and couldn’t imaging missing shots without a 2nd camera.
So, we walked into the camera shop at AMK Hub which gave the best quoted price and has stock for the E-P2. I was still hesitant about the P2 then and that was when I was shown the new NX100. NX100 was like unknown, a quick search on flickr only resulted in 10 pictures, not from users but from Samsung team itself.
But the price was simply too attractive. The 18-55mm kit lens has an interesting iFn (iFunction) feature.
There was a promotion going on, for purchase with purchase and I got the following:
  • 30mm F2.0 – my favourite lens of all
  • 50-200mm
  • GN15 flash
  • Leather jacket
Took some test shots, spend like almost 2 hours in the shop and walked away with a mix feeling of excitement and fear. Excited that we got a new toy a camera with interchangeable lens. A bit fearful, that Samsung NX100 would disappoint us.

Now to test some shot and I will then bring the camera back to its birth country, South Korea.
Ann yeong haseyo!