Dreaming for a Jetsons elevator

Lift Upgrading Programme(LUP) is a Singapore Housing Development Board(HDB) project meant to remedy a flaw for houses and flats built in the 70s and 80s. As the population aged and the kilos piled on and the knees get weaker, we demanded for lifts to stop on every floors in 2006 General Election.

I’ve just got my LUP Polling invitation. They charging us SGD$750 for it. At the rate other LUP projects that are ongoing right now, I think it will take another 2years for it to start and 3years to complete. Long wait…while I dream of it.

Hey! How about a lift all by myself? With a key entry at the lobby on ground floor and popping right up in my living room. Yes! A private one like….The Jetsons.

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