Hong Kong Day 3: Shift to HK Island & Macau

We left Hotel Benito and checked into Butterfly on Morrison. Wanting to feel both sides of Hong Kong, the HK island and the Kowloon side. This new hotel was very much nearer to the Halal dim sum place. It was in fact just across the road. Looked forward to Macau later in the day for halal food at 3 Monkeys.

We got upgraded to a bigger room and it was the 2nd highest in the building. 27th floor. Technically, it was not 27. L pointed out they do not have Level 4, 14 & 24. Superstitions I guessed. So, we were technically on 27 minus 3, which is the 24th floor.

The room had a stunning view though. We could see the HSBC Building, a few other towers as well. We could see the Happy Valley racecourse. We could just lie down on bed and look at the towers, the Peak, the clouds…the rain.

They had Clipsal light switches. The bathroom shower head was by Hansgrohe. Imitation maybe? But it was impressive. With a 32inch Sony LCD TV. Suddenly, we both didnt feel like going out at all.

But we’re hungry. Passport checked. We left the hotel for Macau today.

We lunched Halal Dim Sum and made our way to the Ferry Terminal.

Our ferry failed to start it’s engine. After about 30minutes we took another waiting ferry. Below was our rescue ferry at Macau.

Getting to the Square from Ferry:
Bus 3
We strolled leisurely at the St.Paul Ruins. It was drizzling. We took a quick visit to the museum behind the ruins. Walk up to the Fort. Stunning view of Macau indeed. Must have been the best view back then by the Portuguese.
Getting to Venetian from Square:
Bus21A or 26A.

Looked forward to the Venetian, we were hungry and looking forward to eat at the 3 Monkeys.

We missed the Man Utd Experience, although the store was still opened. Overheard another customer disappointment as well that the experience segment was closed. To console myself, I bought a Man Utd union jack t-shirt.

Return to HK.

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