Dreaming for a Jetsons elevator

Lift Upgrading Programme(LUP) is a Singapore Housing Development Board(HDB) project meant to remedy a flaw for houses and flats built in the 70s and 80s. As the population aged and the kilos piled on and the knees get weaker, we demanded for lifts to stop on every floors in 2006 General Election.

I’ve just got my LUP Polling invitation. They charging us SGD$750 for it. At the rate other LUP projects that are ongoing right now, I think it will take another 2years for it to start and 3years to complete. Long wait…while I dream of it.

Hey! How about a lift all by myself? With a key entry at the lobby on ground floor and popping right up in my living room. Yes! A private one like….The Jetsons.


Hong Kong Day 6: Return Home + RoundUp

We checked out from Butterfly on Morisson at 6am. It was already so bright as we strolled down to the City Flyer A11 bus stop located along Gloucester Street.

Goodbye HK. Thanks for the great trip.
And yes, I still have that cutesy “Its a Small World” tune from Disneyland Hong Kong in my head

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears
It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears
There’s so much that we share that its time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all
It’s a small world after all
It’s a small world after all
It’s a small world after all
It’s a small, small world

There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship for everyone
Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide
It’s a small world after all

Reminder for myself:

    • No more backpacks for holidays. I a had hard time, taking items in & out from the backpack. I had a hard time getting entangled with bag strap & camera neck strap. Ultimate mood killer.
      I really missed my Paul Smith messenger bag this trip.
    • Consider fly in from 1 country, cross a border and fly home
    • For countries with limited halal food, bring snacks along, like fruit bars, chips etc. Plenty of them, coz fruits are simply not enough.

Hong Kong Day 4: The Peak + Duk Ling Junk Ride

After a late night at Macau, we woke up real late this morning. Furthermore, it rain the whole morning. We just lay on the bed and take it the view. By noon we went out for Halal DimSum again. Did Zuhur as well, and we made our way to the Peak. Took the tram to Bank of China, alight and walk to the lower Peak terminal.

We only bought tickets for Tram up to the Peak, deciding to take the slow ride but famous bus no. 15 down the Peak. We also skipped Mdm Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

The gears & mechanism that pulled us all up.

The compulsory photo shot of HK.

Duk Ling Junk Ride
We had bought the tickets for this ride at HKTB counter earlier in the week. Costing only HKD50 for a 1 hour 1 way ride across the harbour in a vintage junk boat. Why not? This was another checklist in this trip. We actually saw Giulana & Bill took this boat in their trip to HK for StarTV Asia.

 We arrived just in time at Central Pier 9. It looked classic. But i really wish…The whole atmosphere was more welcoming…the crew dress up in olden days nautical or coolie gear. Instead the boat captain was wearing a Manchester United t-shirt. Hey! Thumbs up for a fellow Red Devils fan.

Hong Kong Day 3: Shift to HK Island & Macau

We left Hotel Benito and checked into Butterfly on Morrison. Wanting to feel both sides of Hong Kong, the HK island and the Kowloon side. This new hotel was very much nearer to the Halal dim sum place. It was in fact just across the road. Looked forward to Macau later in the day for halal food at 3 Monkeys.

We got upgraded to a bigger room and it was the 2nd highest in the building. 27th floor. Technically, it was not 27. L pointed out they do not have Level 4, 14 & 24. Superstitions I guessed. So, we were technically on 27 minus 3, which is the 24th floor.

The room had a stunning view though. We could see the HSBC Building, a few other towers as well. We could see the Happy Valley racecourse. We could just lie down on bed and look at the towers, the Peak, the clouds…the rain.

They had Clipsal light switches. The bathroom shower head was by Hansgrohe. Imitation maybe? But it was impressive. With a 32inch Sony LCD TV. Suddenly, we both didnt feel like going out at all.

But we’re hungry. Passport checked. We left the hotel for Macau today.

We lunched Halal Dim Sum and made our way to the Ferry Terminal.

Our ferry failed to start it’s engine. After about 30minutes we took another waiting ferry. Below was our rescue ferry at Macau.

Getting to the Square from Ferry:
Bus 3
We strolled leisurely at the St.Paul Ruins. It was drizzling. We took a quick visit to the museum behind the ruins. Walk up to the Fort. Stunning view of Macau indeed. Must have been the best view back then by the Portuguese.
Getting to Venetian from Square:
Bus21A or 26A.

Looked forward to the Venetian, we were hungry and looking forward to eat at the 3 Monkeys.

We missed the Man Utd Experience, although the store was still opened. Overheard another customer disappointment as well that the experience segment was closed. To console myself, I bought a Man Utd union jack t-shirt.

Return to HK.

Hong Kong Day 2: Ocean Park + halal Dim Sum

We arrived last night by Cathay Pacific took the A21 City Bus,alighted at Nathan Road just opposite Masjid Kowloon. It was like a 50m walk and we checked into Hotel Benito. Since, it was late and we were only in the mood to stroll, we decided to check out the Avenue of Stars. The sky was hazy, smoggy. The smog created a certain kind of mist though, felt like I was in a cool European city like London maybe. Oh yes, Hong Kong used to be under the Brits, just like Singapore and Penang.
Took a few pictures of our top 3 HK idols. Hail Jackie Chan & Stephen Chow for the endless laughter and for being a great ambassador of cantonese films. Aaron Kwok? For the legendary centre parting hairstyle, all the rage back in our school days. He totally owned it!

Ocean Park

Next morning, it was Tsim Sha Tsui station as we bought our Octopus ticket and Mrs. Field’s cookies. We  then took the train down to Admiralty Station.There was a counter selling both the Entry and CityBus(629) Ticket.


There was quite a crowd of tourist starting to build, but we did not wait long for our bus. Ocean Park was hot when we arrived. Summer indeed. With the weather, the 1st stop had to be somewhere with AC…off to the pandas. The Giant Pandas were brunching (breakfast + lunch) when we arrived, munching non-stop. JiaJia meanwhile was in the ladies or bedroom?, so we don’t get to see her outside in the viewing area. Only on the TV screen.

The Ocean Park cable car ride was long. I liked the open windows, feeling the breeze and such. Felt like a bird in a cage moment. 2 birds. Wife was panicky as usual, holding onto the rails real tight throughout. I felt like jumping around in this cage.

It was hot summer, and extremely crowded. There was the Hot Air Balloon, Sky Tower and many more. I bumped into 1 of my workplace canteen stall owners there at the Giant Panda Souvenir store. He was with his family, what a small world. Oh yes, the pandas wer extremely adorable. Most were busy eating and munching non-stop. The red panda was elusive though. We did not manage to see it, only the tails, as they were lying in the their tiny caves. 

We somehow managed to walk our way to the mosque. I have included the map below. We were not sure if Wan Chai or Admiralty would be better, but it the Causeway Bay route seems pretty short and it was mainly underpass. We met some muslim ladies along the way too, so it should be alright.

The canteen was located in the masjid. There was a notice pasted in the elevator; “The elevator buttons have been disinfected every 2 hours.” Having found the canteen we proceeded to eat. Little did we expect that we will be eating here for many days to come. Highly recommended for muslims! No Hong Kong trip will be complete without a halal dim-sum meal here.

Prayer Times
Masjids in HK here
Halal Listings in HK

Islamic Centre Canteen 5/F, Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai (website)
Wai Kee 5, Bowrington Road Market, Wan Chai.
Ma’s Restaurant Cheung Sha Wan Road
Ebnezeers Kebab our life saver due to its various location and, because we can both have the delicious briyani and pizza for every meal. It is good.