One Night in KL

Yup! Finally, we did a 1 Night in KL thing.
Transport: Grassland bus from Golden Mile to Berjaya Times Square.
Stay: ParkRoyal Hotel Jalan Imbi.
Shopping: Jalan Masjid India, Semua House, Pavillion, KLCC Twin Tower, Bukit Bintang.
Makan: Tony Roma’s, Madam Kwan’s, Subway, Cupcake Chic, EspresSoup, Hotel
Took the Grassland coach back to Singapore, Taman Jurong.
We manage to do quite a bit with 2D1N. Surprised.

8am: Wifey asks before i go to work,”Lets go KL tonight. Come back on Sunday.” Me as usual, drowsy in the mornings just say OK.

10am: she has booked a Grassland bus ticket to KL.
11am: i booked a 1 night stay there.
10pm: we depart for KL

5am: Reached Berjaya Times Square in KL. So dark?! We took a short walk to the Parkroyal hotel, try our luck if we can early check in. It was a firm No, saying earliest 7am. He tried explaining, the room atendants are not in yet. Oklah, we understand but surely there should be 1 on standby.

No worries, we hang around at the lobby. After awhile, we got hungry and decided to go MacDee BukitBintang – 24hrs. (They pronounce McDonalds as MacDee over there.) We suddenly see ppl coming in with cameras. They must be going for a tour so early? It then occur to us, they are heading to Twin Towers. Since we have time to waste & our stomach full, we take a leisure walk to KLCC. Wait & wait.. for the bridge to open. There were already others in front of us. We chatted with a local tour guide. Shared some stories and slamming the Skybridge operators. I told him actually, i thot we were queuing for a sunrise package. 🙂

Once done with the bridge, we took the LRT to Masjid Jamek…where else? Jalan Masjid India.

We then took a cab back n checked in finally. Damn tired, 1 hour nap.

We headed to Pavilion, yes our destination…Tony Romas.

We had the most pleasant customer service experience at Tony Roma’s. Not 1, not 2 but 3! A hat-trick of notable deeds.
1) The waitress saw us clueless on what to order. So, she recommended us on a rib’s intro set with the 4 sauces. She actually took time to explain the 4 types of sauces, dripping every single one of them on the plate, into a smiley face. 🙂

2) Saw a waiter returning change to a customer. (“So what?” you may ask.)
Normal procedure is, collect, walk to cashier, wait for change

Try this: The waiter actually took out his own wallet, gave the customer the change right from his wallet, as the customer seems to be in a hurry. From his own wallet! It was a WTFOMG moment. Initiative at its max and the waiter are allowed to use their own discretion for these? Is this their SOP? Would this even be legal in other places?

3) So, we had eaten and I motioned a waiter to come over and asked for the bill, he waiter turn away, took 1 step n then turn back (U-turn), fish out the bill from his backpocket. I swore it must have been there even before i asked! They were not doing a zone system of service either, so I was surprised.

Truly impressive, I haven’t been to KL for like 4-5 years. It took me by surprise. I used to get pretty peeved with M’sia customer service. Thumbs UP!! Malaysia BOLEH!

And I truly adore the protection officers marching in for duty in parade form at Pavilion too. Most look like village and Indonesian foreigners so a form of discipline and regimental showing will always be beneficial.

Singapore malls and service .. can they hold a candle to them?

To the outstanding crew at Tony Roma’s in Pavillion Mall, KL:

“Keep up the high standard of customer care & compassion,
you are truly a rare gem in the industry.”

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