Melbourne Day 1: Arrival + Pearl Jam Tour 2009

Day 2: Melbourne Arrival + Etihad Stadium
We finally arrived in Melbourne. Took the Airport Shuttle bus. Melbourne was having a dry spell. The grasses are all brown. Very dry indeed. At Southern Cross Station, we transferred to a mini bus to take us to Victoria Hotel. They upgraded us to a bigger room. 1 Queen Bed and another Single bed. Spacious…indeed and with the overnight stopover at Perth, the bed was welcoming.

Getting ready for Pearl Jam Live at Etihad Stadium.
We stepped out of the lobby & guess what? It was raining! Lots of people were caught off guard.
Most people are in T-shirt, tank tops, shorts, typical Pasir Ris beach summer dressing.

We walked along Bourke Street. I know there’s a halal restoran somewhere around. An Indonesian one. I had rice with cooked vegetables & beef rendang. It was like SGD$5. Gulps.

We walked up to the tram stop and proceed to Etihad Stadium.

We had brought our e-tickets, printed with bar codes. Bought some PJ tour T-shirts. The PJs onesie were cute. and we are ready to Rock n Roll with Pearl Jam. Awesome! Little did we expect we will be there from 5:30pm to midnight. Eddie and brothers started from 8:30pm. We were dead tired by midnight and when we left, they were still rocking. As we made our

Setlist for Pearl Jam Melbourne 2009.

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